Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Household Staples

Man, you are one picky eater!  Gone are the days following your diagnosis when you'd devour everything in sight.  As soon as you gained all your weight back, you settled right back into being rather selective on what you put in your mouth.  That sure doesn't make my life any easier!  We've decided to see what it looks like you are going to eat and then bolus either during your meal or right after.  That way you don't "work the system" by not eating, patiently waiting for Mom to panic enough to stuff you full of FUN carbs like fruit snacks and ice cream in order to make up for your insulin dose.

Funny story:  Today I sat you down and as I got your lunch ready, you said, "Shot, Mom? Shot?"  Even you know the routine.

But we've learned a thing or two over the last month about what is convenient to keep on hand with your diabetes, new household "staples" if you will.   There are things to give when you are hungry (but too close to a meal to give you a shot) and then things like the 15-carb nightly snacks that we now need to keep on hand.  So, I've compiled a list on the new "regulars":

Cheese Sticks   --  give it up for a "free" food!

Hot Dogs  -- because those are your FAVE, and again, yay for free!

Juicy Juice 4 oz. boxes  --  these 15-carb juices have been a necessity for your lows!  I carry them in my purse, keep them close to your bedroom, take them in my church bag and keep them in the car.  It is also extremely easy to stick the straw in your mouth while you sleep when you have a low in the night.  Miraculously you start sucking--you know what to do even in your sleep!  And then after the low is addressed, I can sleep easy once again. Sort of. 

Skittles  --  an easy, fast-acting carb, something I used to never buy since I've always steered away from artificial flavoring and coloring, but is essential to have on hand to address lows.

Chicken Nuggets  --  This is a food I can almost always guarantee you'll eat, and since you are honeymooning, I rarely have to give you a shot depending on what they are paired with.

Individual packs of all-natural applesauce (no sugar)  -- these are great with any meal.  I feel like I'm giving you something healthy and it's easy to count for since it's pre-measured.

Strawberries and Watermelon  --  they are both low in carbs so you can have a good portion, provided you are actually hungry that day.

Grapes -- easy counting.  One grape=one carb. Nuff said. 

Soy Slender Chocolate Soymilk  --  You love chocolate milk, so this find was perfect!  It's practically free!  One cup is only 5 grams of carbohydrates so I can give it with your nightly snack and since it has protein in it, it will help hold your insulin through the night so you won't fluctuate.

Fruitables  --  I love these.  I found these years ago, but am buying them more now since I've recently realized they are only 7 carbs.  Yay!  I love them because they have fruit AND vegetable juices and puree so you are getting your daily servings of both.  And with a picky eater, these have been heavenly!  I give you one with each lunch and you love them!

Short list, right?  Told you you were picky. I'm sure the list will change as you do, but so far this is working for us.  The great part about it is your other four siblings aren't nearly as picky so they'll eat all these foods too.  In fact, they are rather excited that we now have food stocked in our cupboards and fridge.  Got to keep the baby happy, right?  Next post:  How to NOT spoil the diabetic, who also happens to be the youngest!  Yah, might need some advice on that one.


  1. That was the hardest part for me...spoiling the baby that was going through so so much! All my boys had to be de-throned as king of our castle at the age of four. It is so hard not to coddle our babies!

    A couple thoughts:

    I love his eyes!

    I love your list! I am very intrigued with the Fruitables.

    If it's ok with you, I'll add you to my blog list. Welcome to the DOC!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Meri and yes, of course add my blog! I hope it's ok I'm stalking yours! I learn so much from people like you who have been dealing with diabetes much longer than I have. I get Fruitables at Walmart. Occasionally you can find them at Costco. :-)