Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 5--Learning and growing

                I mopped the kitchen floor today.  I did a few loads of laundry.  I even had a neighbor friend come over to play with Colby.  All of this gave me hope.  Hope that life will indeed resume and just maybe you and I won't suffer through each day trying to figure out this thing called diabetes. 
                Ty, you inspire me.  Truly.  You're facing these changes like a champ.  It truly blows my mind.  I think you are the reason that today has been a much better day for me.  For the last few days, just before we test your blood-glucose levels, we ask which finger you want to poke.  You'll choose a finger and not only that, but you want to push the button that pricks the needle into your finger!  You push the button and no tears, no whining, not even a flinch.   Then you will put your own blood on the strip until you happily hear the beep and you'll say "Beep!" and chuckle.  Wow.

                Shots you don't love.  Usually when you see me coming toward you with a syringe, you take off running as fast as your feet will carry you, giggling because to you this is a game.  Heck, I think I'd run too if I had someone coming at me with a needle!  This morning you said, "Andrew shot! Andrew shot!"  I think you were ready for someone else to have their turn.  We choose the location for the shot, trying to rotate with each one, and get you in position.  It is easier when there are two to hold you down since you wiggle so much, but I have to hold you by myself most of the day.  You will whine, but you've gotten to the point where you don't really cry.  It's over before you know it and then you are up and running again.  You're a rock star.  I don't know how you do it, but your courage is teaching me courage.  Your faith is boosting my faith.  Like I said, a true inspiration to me.  
                Though we have yet to sit the family down and really explain what is going on in your little body, the kids are picking it up with little things we've told them here and there.  Today, while Andrew and Colby were playing a computer game, an advertisement popped up on the sidebar and Andrew ran in and said, "Mom, there's someone who has what Ty-Ty has!  It says it on the computer!"  A little while later, they both were playing and I overheard Colby say in his cute voice, "Andwew, yo bwud shugow is too high!"  It made me laugh.
                Got all your prescriptions filled today and again a wave of panic came over me.  This lifelong disease is not only going to cost us a lot more money than we have right now, but these supplies are a constant thing, some will need to be refilled monthly!  Don't even get me started on insurance!  Okay, just one example: Even though the prescription for the syringes is an order for 350, my stupid insurance will only allow for 100 at a time.  Since we use 5-8 syringes per day, 100 won't even cover us a month.  And these are supplies that you NEED to have!  The lady at the pharmacy said it's the insurance's way of getting more of your money.  Really?  As if we aren't paying enough for all this?!  As if we aren't already suffering from the news that our 2-year old has a lifelong disease that will need constant care!  I'm rather frustrated and I'm going to leave the calling of the insurance to your dad.  Grandpa Ehlert said he'd call too, since he dealt with the same problem with Spencer. Besides, he likes those sorts of things (his own words).  And he does.  The family has been so great to rally around us.   We are so blessed. 
                Dr. Donaldson has taken a personal interest in you, probably because he knows Grandma so well.  (I saw him tease her at the hospital and I'm convinced he's got a crush on her, but don't tell her that!)  He gave us his personal cell phone number to call him each morning.  This morning he had us up your Lantus to 3 units in the morning and 1/2 unit at dinner.  All day your readings were still in the high 300s.  So at dinner Grandma Hillam decided to change your ratio to 1/2 unit to ever 15 carbs (instead of 20) for every meal.  By bedtime tonight you were down to 131.  Only time you've been in range!  I'm afraid you will drop too low in the night, though.  Grandma said to give you a few more carbs for your snack tonight, so instead of 15, we gave you 25.  I hope you'll stay in a good range in the night.  We'll check you again at 2:30 a.m. and adjust you if we have to.  I'm learning.  Slowly, I'm learning.

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