Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A teaching moment

We sat the rest of the kids down tonight and talked to them about diabetes.  They had a lot of questions.  Colby wanted to know how you got it.  He wondered if he could catch it.  Kendra refused to ever babysit you again, but I'm sure that is her fear speaking.  Andrew wanted to know what you would do if your blood glucose was too high.  Alli asked about what foods were best for you.

We watched a video that was extremely helpful in explaining a lot of things.  What a pancreas is, what to do if you have high glucose levels and low glucose levels.  We also watched an online demonstration about the Gulogen needle, and showed them ours.  I hope we will never have to use that, but it was nice to be able to explain it all to them should an emergency arise.  Here is the video:

I'm sure there will many more questions as time goes on, but I think your brothers and sisters are feeling a little more settled about this new change.  I hope, at least, they will feel comfortable asking questions and talking opening to me or Dad about diabetes.  I think the more open we are, the better it will make things for you as you grow up. 

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