Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 6--1st Time Grocery Shopping

                I went shopping because we were out of some of the essentials.  That was a new experience.  It was as if I was walking around Walmart with brand new eyes.  Everything looked different now that I'm thinking about food for a diabetic, and a toddler diabetic!  I wouldn't even look at fruit snacks or Pop-Tarts.  I know they told me at the hospital that you can eat whatever you are used to, but I don't buy that.  Your levels are way high, out of your target range.  And you are eating more than I have EVER seen you eat--as much (or more than) your older brothers!  I'm not just going to fill you with sugary, carb-loaded foods anytime you like, only to compensate with larger doses or insulin.  
                I'm so used to just throwing together meals, at the last minute, from what we have on hand.  I can't do that anymore.  Meals are going to take more planning, more preparations, more time.  And  I thought shopping for a family of seven was tough and took great planning before you were diagnosed!  I'm not ready to take on meal planning just yet.  Right now I'm just trying to get by--learning the insulin ratios, shots, meals and snacks routine, carb counting, etc.  I ended up getting far too many drinks--all for you: juice boxes for lunch that were surprisingly low, Juicy Juice 15 carb boxed drinks in case you are low, and my favorite find, Soy Chocolate milk!  You love chocolate milk, but every kind is loaded w/ carbs.  A cup of this Soy Chocolate is only 5 carbs!  Woo-hoo!  And it tastes great and you love it.  It was my victory for the day.  I'll take any victory, even in the form of chocolate milk, at this point in our journey.  I will tackle the beast of meal planning hopefully another day.
                Something cute happened last night and it was evidence once again of how you are integrating this new lifestyle so naturally--so much better than I.  Dad and I got up to test you in the night.  Before we walked in, you called out for Dad, but when we opened the door we found you sleeping rather soundly.  Just as Dad leaned over your crib and cocked the lancet to pick a finger, you lifted your hand to give us a finger.  We couldn't believe it!  It's as if, even in your subconscious, you know that click means it's time to test.  So he tested you as you quietly slept.  The meter beeped to indicate the blood received was sufficient, to which you said in your sleep, "beep."  It was so cute.  Part of me was saddened once again that you have to take on such an overwhelmingly monstrous trial at such a tender, young age, but it is your faith and courage that drives mine.  You were high; 399.  So we gave you 1/2 unit of Novolog.  You woke up today at 111.  We called Dr. Donaldson and he increased your Lantus to 4 units in the mornings and 1/2 unit at dinner.  He agreed w/ Grandma's carb ratio switch, so we'll stay on 1/2:15 for now.
                Today you've been helping us out in the yard, pulling weeds and mowing the lawn.  You love to help Dad push the lawn mower, wear the same fisherman-style hat and working gloves like him.  It has got to be one of the cutest things to witness.  I worried about you out in the heat of the afternoon summer sun and what that would mean for your glucose levels, but so far, so good today.
                You just got up from a nap and prior to your snack we tested you, per Dr. Donaldson's request.  You were 228, so a bit high.  I had thought you'd be lower today--dr. said you would be.  Why can't we get you in range?  So, I gave you a Gogurt, a cheese stick and 3/4 cup of light Gatorade--but should I have held off on your afternoon snack since you were high?  Something to ask the doctor tomorrow.

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